Dedicated Home Theatres

Home Theater Systems
CG Wiring & Integrators Inc. serves throughout the Bay Area with the expert installation of home theaters. Are you thinking about enhancing your home with a home theater? Contact us—we can fulfill that dream!

We are experienced in designing your next home theater with quality components, especially designed to your wants and budget. This way your family and guests can relax and enjoy big screen entertainment at home.

  • We plan a system after consulting with you about your desires and needs, making modifications as needed
  • Viewing distance is planned according to the Society of Motion Pictures & TV standards
  • Fantastic acoustics so you can become immersed in a film’s sound effects
  • Soundproofing is needed so late night viewing doesn’t affect other family members
  • Audio- imagine enjoying surround sound in your home
  • Optimal theater seating planned for optimal viewing
  • Remote control of your system
  • Customer Service available once installed

Call Cg Wiring & Integrators Inc. today to enhance your home entertainment experience.